The User Interface for the Current Density Distribution Measurement Devices

The user interface CurrentVIEW is easy to use and selfexplanatory. It allows:

+ single and continuous measurements
+ visualization in 2D, 3D and as values
+ saving data as text files in spreadsheet format
+ saving data as pictures in jpg and bmp format
+ saving and reviewing of data streams.

The following picture shows the main window of the user interface. From here the options are available and a calibration of the device can be executed. Single and continuous measurements can be started and the data can be displayed as numbers, as 2D graphic or 3D graphic. Also the data can be stored to a file in spreadsheet format. The format can be read by other programs for further analysis.

main window

calibration curves

measurement data shown in 3D view

With the history mechanism stored data can be read and displayed like the actual measurement data. In the following picture the main window of the history mechanism is shown. A cursor can be moved along the curve and the data at the actual position are displayed.

history mechanism to review recorded data

data shown in 3D view

The user interface is written in LabVIEW. For the integration into an existing test system a dynamical linked library (dll), containing the basic functions to control the device and read the data, can be introduced.